Friday, 30 December 2011

Whisky tasting at home (19 November 2011)

It's Saturday and I'm tasting some whiskies. You don't have to wander around from pub to pub whenever you want to have a dram. You can do it at home and that's what I'm about to do. I tasted six whiskies and here are my thoughts.

1) Glen Scotia, aged 12 years. Amber-coloured whisky had scents like coffee, cooked vegs, grassy, leather and cereals. On the palate I found maltyness. It had a medium long finish. Points: n19+t19+f20+b19 = 77/100 (that's Grade 7.5).

2) Caol Ila natural cask strength. Nose has scents of leather, tobacco and band-aid while on the palate I noticed peatyness, salt and smoke. Finish was long and peaty. Points: n21+t22+f22+b22 = 87/100 (that's Grade 8.5).

3) Glen Garioch Founder's Reserve. Pale ambered whisky had a scent of fruitiness and honey. Taste was fruity and toffee. Finish was fruity and medium long. Points: n20+t21+f20+b20 = 81/100 (that's Grade 8).

4) Tobermory aged 10 years, new bottling, 46.3%. This was a huge step forward. The old 10 was a bit too boring and light-bodied. This edition had citric, floral and grassy scents but also fruity, honey and salty flavours. Much better than the old one. Points: n20+t21+f22+b21 = 84/100 (that's Grade 8+).

5) Bunnahabhain, aged 12 years, new bottling, 46.3%. I remember the old 12 YO what was 43% and that was good. Then came 40% version and now they've released this 46.3% version. This is awsome. Very deep amber colour and nose has many characters like chocolate, fruity, honey, nutty, spicy and winey. Taste has caramel, coffee, fruity, honey, sweetness and toffee. Excellent whisky. Points: n23+t23+f23+b23 = 92/100 (that's Grade 9).

6) Royal Lochnagar Distiller's Edition batch RL/96 - 9T. I've always like the 12 year old version which was very fruity. This wasn't that good but still very nice. Nose: chocolate, coffee, fruity, honey, winey and after water grassy. Taste: fruity, malty and sweet. Points: n22+t22+f21+b22 = 87/100 (that's Grade 8.5).

The new Bunna 12 YO was the clear winner today.

Dinnae girn an' ging off tae buy a flask.

Bowmore Legend and Old Pulteney Row To The Pole later on...

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