Friday, 30 December 2011

Few drams @ Old Anchor (12 November 2011)

Och aye! Me and my wife spent some time this evening at Old Anchor and I was disappointed to see that during these few years the whisky collection had diminished from 75 to 25. So, Helsinki lost one Grade A whisky bar. The pub itself has a great nautical decoration and feeling. You have to visit there just at least for one dram.
I had Brew Dog's Christmas Ale "There Is No Santa" and Balblair 1992. I also had a bottle of Criminally Bad Elf and drams of Ardbeg Alligator and Auchentoshan 17 YO.  I have to admit that Criminally Bad Elf was better than I remembered when I first tasted it few years ago. I was perhaps having a bad mood day back then. Ardbeg and Balblair were okay but the winner of the evening was definitely Auchentoshan 17 YO. That was marvelously sweet and winey and fruity. It just coated my palate and I also tasted it after a while.  Och, gin A hae mair whusky, A widnae touch watter onymair.

There Is No Santa = 34/50
Criminally Bad Elf = 33/50
Balblair 1992 = 80/100
Ardbeg Alligator = 83/100
Auchentoshan Aged 17 Years = 93/100

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Old Anchor =

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