Friday, 30 December 2011

Westvleteren Extra 8 at Beer Hunter's, Pori (18 April 2011)

Last weekend I had the chance to taste Westvleteren's trappist beer. Not the Holy Grail one but Extra 8. The world's best beer is usually thought to be Abt 12 and it has gained e.g. 47/50 points at The bottle itself doesn't have a label and the only information can be found on the crown cork. The colour of the beer is very much similar to coffee and it had thin creamy foam. I could detect scents like sweetness, ripe fruits and toffee while I could taste coffee and licorice. The warmer it got the more you enjoyed it. Even the last drops tasted good nevertheless the liquid itself was quite warm already. It's sad that these trappist beers that Westvleteren brew can't be found in any shops. So, nevertheless they're bit expensive you should buy and try whenever you have the chance. I eagerly wait for the Abt 12 to come across my path.

My points: aroma 9/10, appearance 4/5, flavour and finish 9/10, palate 5/5, overall score 18/20 = 45/50 points. points: 46/50.

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