Friday, 30 December 2011

Few drinks @ Maltainen Riekko (16 October 2011)

Maltainen Riekko is a nice pub at Alppila area in Helsinki with a nice collection of single malts. Yesterday I had a chance to taste Mackmyra which is a Swedish whisky. Preludium 05 couple of years ago was a nice experience and this "Swedish single malt - the first edition" was very good indeed. Very vanilla flavoured and fruity. 84 points to that. American microbreweries are something I like very much. Yesterday I had two bottles: first Flying Dog's Snake Dog IPA and Short's Brew's Golden Rule. Both were excellent beers. Snake IPA had some great hoppy flavours and Golden Rule (with very funny label) was also piney and hoppy. 3.8 and 3.6 points to them. I also tasted some Irish whisky and I have to say that Connemara peated was excellent. Beautiful peaty, earthy and tarry nose and taste. Easily 89 points to that. I almost forgot that I had some belgian beer too: Scaldis. That's 12% ABV but still very soft beer. Belgium is definitely one of the best beer countries in the world. 3.6 points to that beer. Nice evening beside a Scrabble game and great beverages. People should taste more these kind of beers and not only cheap bulk lagers.

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