Friday, 30 December 2011

Aberlour 10 Years Old

It's been a long time since I last drank this whisky. I have to say that I like Aberlour's whiskies, especially A'bunadh is very tasty. But I assume many Aberlour whiskies cannot be described as poor. I have given 85 points to this whisky and I think that's okay and I do not have to change that. This golden single malt has sweet, nutty, toffee, vanilla, honey and fruity scents. Also apples. Red apples I think. Taste is medium-bodied, sweet, fruity, floral and caramel. Finish is sweet, fruity and medium long.  Nice single malt and its price/quality -ratio is excellent. Points: nose21+taste21+finish22+balance21 = 85 points which is 8.5/10.

This might go with Kate Bush and her great song The Dreaming

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