Friday, 30 December 2011

Few drams at Galle, Pori (22 November 2010)

Spent some time with friends at Steak and Whisky House Galle at Pori couple of days ago. After Glenmorangie Sherry Wood Finish and Glenkinchie 1989/2002 DE drams that nevertheless weren't that bad starters of the evening I yearned something better. I took a dram of fantastic smoky and smooth Caol Ila 18 years old. It had fruity and tobacco nose and ripe fruits on the palate and excellent long and smoky finish. But that wasn't the highlight of the evening. It was Glenfarclas 1954. This version was distilled at 16 June 1954 and bottled at 27 July 2000. So it was 46 years old! That's a long time. My father was 16 years old when it was distilled and I was 30 when it was bottled. The colour is amber, looks very tasty. After nosing this sweet whisky I could find sherryish notes, medicine, honey, red wine and some strange way sauna with a wooden stove (kiuas in Finnish) and it's getting colder. This was a full-bodied whisky and on the palate I could trace notes like winey, fruity, treacle, fudge and spices. The finish was sherryish, spicy and long. Quite complicated whisky. After drinking the empty copita glass still had strong scents inside. Marvelous whisky.

1) Glenfarclas 1954 (n24+t24+f23+b23. Total points: 96, Grade: 9.5)
2) Caol Ila Aged 18 Years (n23+t23+f23+b23. Total points: 92, Grade: 9)
3) Glenkinchie 1989/2002 DE (n20+t22+f21+b21. Total points: 84, Grade 8+)
4) Glenmorangie Sherry Wood Finish (n20+t20+f21+b20. Total points: 81, Grade: 8 )

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