Sunday, 11 March 2012

Some whiskies at Viisi Penniä

Saturday afternoon at Viisi Penniä. Just had few whiskies and couple of beers. The whiskies I had were Tullibardine, Caol Ila and Glen Moray. First was Tullibardine's Aged Oak Edition. Pale white wine coloured whisky was fruity, perume and woody scented with fruity, grassy and vanilla flavours. Nice whisky for the everyday use. Points: 83/100. Caol Ila was bottled by Duncan Taylor and it was 30 years old. It had smoky and band-aid aromas and fruity, honey and smoky flavours. Taste is definitely better than nose. This whisky would be a good ingredient to a sauce for a steak. Points: 83/100. The last dram was by Glen Moray 24 year old and this was also bottled by Duncan Taylor. First sniff and the nose was filled with toffee.Lots of toffee. I just can't get anything else out of it. Taste had fruity and sweet notes. On the other hand this was nice but still quite boring and one-sided. Points: 78/100.

Nice whiskies but none of those three were really thrilling. Great afternoon at the local pub, though.

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