Saturday, 17 March 2012

Poacher's Choice and Achel 8 Blond at Janoinen Lohi

A walk in foggy Helsinki on a Saturday afternoon. Then finding ourselves at a pub called Janoinen Lohi (thirsty salmon) after having a breakfast at Cafe Tin-Tin Tango. Very cute barmaid recommended Badger's beer called Poacher's Choice. And it really was one helluva beer. Even the colour was very alluring: a dark and ruby red. Very nice. Lots of liquorice but still in a smooth way. Not disturbing amounts I mean. Fruits, caramel and nuts also. Points: 42/50.

I also spotted Achel 8 blonde on the shelf. I love trappist beers and I haven't tasted this yet. Very nice beer but slightly - and I emphasize on the word slightly - less interesting than the bruin version. Floral, fruity beer with white bread on the palate. Very nice full-bodied trappist beer. Points: 42/50.

Two over 40 point beers at the same day. Fucking nice. Pardon my French...

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