Friday, 10 February 2012


How come 12 months go so fast? It was just like yesterday when the Uisge2011 was held at Gallows Bird. This time the whisky festivals were held at Vanha Ylioppilastalo at the centre of Helsinki. Pub environment was perhaps better when it comes to enjoy whisky but VY had more space inside and I assume there weren't any queues outside like last year. I did miss some really interesting items this time but all in all it's great that the powers behind this event had the enthuasism to organize this. Thank You and hope we see you next year.

Me and my wife tasted 14 different single malts (+ Tia tasted also Balvenie 21YO) and had a really great time. I even tore down the stand of Grant's - of course, this was an accident. Believe it or not. Excellent feeling and great that so many foreign whisky experts travelled to Finland just for this happening. Hopefully there will be Uisge2013...

My ratings this evening:
Talisker 25 YO (2005 edition) = 93
Tobermory 15 YO = 92
Highland Park Thor = 90
BenRiach Rioja Wood Finish = 90
Glenmorangie 25 YO = 89
Old Pulteney 21 YO = 88
Glenlivet Guardians = 87
Bruichladdich PC9 = 85
Macmyra Special 07 = 84
Bunnahabhain 32 YO = 81
Isle Of Jura Boutique Barrels = 81
Auchentoshan Bordeaux Cas Matured = 80
Glenlivet Archive 21 YO = 80
Hakushu 12 YO = 73

Congrats to Talisker!

BTW. The gentleman behind Balvenie desk suggested us to taste Port Wood 21 YO and Parmesan cheese together. That sounded a wee bit odd but after tasting I was gobsmacked. Great combination. Thanks for the idea.

Here are some other links about this marvelous event:

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