Thursday, 23 February 2012

Few drams at Pikkulintu

Last Friday night at Pikkulintu pub which locates somewhere east from where we stand (Puotila district in Helsinki). Lots of whiskies on the shelves but I was also surprised to see a bottle of single malt from Pori available: Old Buck. That porinian single malt is excellent so when you have the chance to taste that you should have a dram. But now to the other whiskies I had that night.

I had Glenfarclas 175th, Glenlossie 10 YO and Auchentoshan 18 YO American bourbon oak which were okay but the best of the night (excluding Old Buck of course, haha) was GlenDronach 21 YO Parliament. That was just awsome whisky and even a splash of water didn't ruin it at all. The colour of the whisky was deep ruby red and it had a beautiful diamond like feeling when I looked at it. A sniff and there were lots of nutty and sherry scents. Also rumraisins and fudge. Lots of sherry on the palate. Full-bodied whisky with a sherry and nutty long finish. Recommended. Points: nose24+taste24+finish23+balance24 = 95/100.

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