Friday, 30 December 2011

Talisker Aged 10 Years

Okay, let's start with a single malt. My favourite: Talisker 10 YO. This is about the previous label, so called "stone label". The new one is brilliant too but I think it lacks in pepperiness and is more fruity than this one...

First that hits you are the beautiful peppery and smoky aromas. Also you can imagine standing on a seashore. That pepperiness and smokiness continues when you take a sip of it.  To me there are hints of fruits hiding somewhere but some might disagree, although I wouldn't care about that. This single malt also taste like band-aid (no, not as Bob Geldof). Long peppery finish. Points: nose 24, taste 25, finish 25, balance 25. Total points: 99/100. Recommended.

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