Friday, 30 December 2011

Brew Dog - Sink The Bismarck

Finally I had the chance to taste this famous beer. I was at Kitty's (in Helsinki) last Monday when I noticed the bottle on the shelf. I got the last two cl's from it. Bottle had a BBE stamp 14-10-20 and it was from batch #010. Okay, then to the beer. 41% ABV! When I heard about this beer I thought that nobody could beat them but I was a wee bit wrong. The colour is cloudy brown so not very tempting. Lots of chocolate and floral aromas but also medicine and fruity scents, especially raisins. Then a sip and I tasted caramel, salt, spices and salmiac. Texture was syrupy and winey. Very full-bodied. I'm glad I bought this. Points: 30/50 (aroma 7/10, appearance 1/5, flavour and finish 7/10, palate 3/5, overall score 12/20).

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